Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) Secure Any App, Device or Network and Simplify Infrastructure Reduce Costs

Bitglass' Total Cloud Security Platform is designed to provide data and threat protection for any interaction between devices, apps, on-prem resources, web destinations, or infrastructure. From a single console, you can configure policies that deliver consistent security wherever data goes. Bitglass SASE integrates CASB, SWG, DLP, Threat Protection, IdaaS, ZTNA and Remote Browser Isolation. Simplified deployment and administration, transparent to the user
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    Agentless, restricted access from managed and unmanaged devices.

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    Control access by user, device, location and data.

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    Integrated, high-performance cloud DLP engine with pre-built and custom DLP policies for maximum flexibility

  • HarborTM patented full-strength, operations preserving cloud encryption, with flexible key management

  • Dynamically apply remediation actions including watermarking/tracking, file encryption, digital rights management, quarantine, share removal, notification, redaction and blocking

  • Selective-wipe, device encryption, device PIN, device audit, no agent, any device

  • Integrated identity management with AD synchronization and contextual multi-factor authentication enhances or replaces third party IAM

  • No changes to user experience and no software or agents to deploy – any browser, any device, any application

  • Deployed in minutes with no software to deploy on your network or devices